Savage Gear Cork Screw Heads 5g/3pcs

SKU SG 50356
Korgikruviga jigi pead, loodud kasutamiseks Real Eelide ja Herring Shadidega – kuid sobivad hästi ka muude kummilantidega. Hästi töötav, kerge kasutada.

3,20 €

Already a success! Its special tail cut makes it swim even at the slowest speed, which is a key feature for vertical fishing. These head shapes will receive all jighead types easily. This proven shape is enhanced by the best predator attractant ever.

Using a scientific patented process, each Berkley Powerbait is formulated with the most advanced scent and flavor on the market. Berkley has proven Fish Bite and Won't Let Go! In fact, Fish hold on to Powerbait up to 18 times longer than ordinary plastic bait!

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